Cutting edge shoe technology and dynamic engineering have earned Ascent the reputation as Australia’s most innovative footwear company to emerge in recent years.

By introducing radical sports shoe technology into school shoes, Ascent has demonstrated that innovation and support is a welcome relief for all feet, even little ones.

These technological advancements have been incorporated into work shoes, work boots, formal school shoes, and cross trainers.

Ascent has now revolutionised and superseded existing work boot technology with the launch of their work boots in 2008. These advancements have been applauded for enhancing safety, support and durability for boots that are in for the toughest of conditions.

Following is a glossary of features enhancing the technology of Ascent footwear:

Air Mesh
A special 3 layer mesh with a fibrous centre to promote air circulation that ventilates and cools the foot.
TPU Outsole
Thermally injected together with the midsole, TPU outsoles are resistant to fuel oil, durable and lightweight.
Calf Leather
Calf leather is soft, and the hide fibre is more dense than normal cow leather, making it stronger.
Crib Midfoot Stabiliser
Hard moulded thermoplastic material (TPU or Nylon) at midfoot. Often designed with ‘V’ shaped stability bridges for optimum torsional and saggital stability and supports the arch section of the foot.
Nylon Shank
Moulded from rigid nylon 6 material, provides saggital stability to the foot, and is also airport friendly.
Urethane foam innersoles that are 100% breathable moisture management systems.
Removable Cup Insole
Ascent cup insoles are removable, making our shoes suitable for orthotics. The insole also has a contoured surface and air channels, providing arch support and promoting air flow around the foot.
Perpetual Rubber
10x the durability of normal rubber, and is also non-marking.
Drilex Lining
Special textile lining with superior moisture wicking and anti-bacterial properties controlling sweat and odor.
Poron Cushioning
High energy absorption, low compression (long lasting cushioning), and anti-fungal cushioning foam.
Thermoplastic Heel Counter
Ascent is renowned for its firm heel counters, as the heel counter is the basic component providing ankle and heel support, as well as controlling overpronation.  Our heel counters are moulded to the shape of the foot, providing lasting surround support.
Dual Density Midsole
A firmer density section of the midsole is positioned on the medial side to control overpronation. On Defender and Harmony, this extends around to the lateral side of the midsole to provide stability in typical side-to-side motion dynamics in court and grass sports.
Bungee Insole
Removable cup insole using Bungee cushioning material, with increased arch support. More cushioning and more support than our standard removable cup insole.
PU Insole
Soft moulded removable polyurethane cup insole. Polyurethane is soft, but does not compress like a normal EVA cup insole, providing lasting comfort. Our insole also features a positive arch, supporting the foot through the gait cycle whilst not being corrective like an orthotic.
Free Fit Lacing
A floating eyeletstay (lacing area) construction that provides a custom fit around the forefoot.
PU Rebound Insole
As per PU Insole, but softer, with increased rebound physical properties.
Full Grain Leather
Natural, quality cowhide leather, dyed-through for a lasting look and natural wear.
A fabric embedded with phase change Thermocules using phase change technology that has the capacity to absorb, store, and release excess heat.  Instead of wicking moisture, Outlast technology proactively manages heat while controlling the production of moisture before it begins.
PU Midsole
Polyurethane provides an excellent balance of shock absorption (cushioning) and energy return (rebound). Heavier than EVA midsoles, but provides longer-lasting cushioning.
Heel Lock
A revolutionary, patented (PCT/AU2008/001824) 'Heel Lock' system for sandals. Heel lock offers easy entry for the foot, and a balance of stability and security for the rearfoot through an ingeniously sprung heel strap.
Heel Stabiliser (TPU)
A hardened TPU moulded wedge that wraps around the upper at the heel, providing additional support. On the Foundation, this extends further on the medial side, providing additional medial stability for overpronators.
Leather Heel Counter
Moulded to the shape of the foot, and thinner than thermoplastic, leather heel counters also provide lasting support and a refined look on casual and business type footwear.
High energy-absorbing foam. Absorbs shock that over time causes bone and muscle trauma.
X-IT Foam
Compression mouldable high energy absorbing material. Absorbs shock that over time causes bone and muscle trauma.
Oil Resistant Rubber
Oil resistant rubber used on our duty/work shoes which is also slip-resistant.
High energy return material, used in the forefoot of our running shoes for increased spring on toe-off, and used in the heel of our walking shoes to enhance walking gait dynamics.
Diabetic Friendly
An upper construction where the lining is like a bag, with no stitching from the upper surface penetrating through the lining. This reduces the possibility of discomfort, and is suitable for people with diabetes.

Every Ascent shoe is designed based on its purpose, which means the technology in each shoe can be very different from another. The one thing that they all have in common is that they are build to perform and provide active feet with support and performance they need.

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